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The benefits of joining mind and body

I have been fortunate to have a very interesting life.  For 70 years I have enjoyed many unbelievable opportunities.  In spite of that blessing, life has been challenging and painful, and sometimes unbearable.  In an effort to become well and more functional I have experimented with many forms of healing of the mind and body.  From modalities as different as a Freudian analysis to 12-step programs, I have learned that our mind and body want to join together as one force of spiritual power.  While I was in graduate school the family therapist movement of the 1970's and 1980's broke new ground with original treatment options.  One of these was covered in the 1988 book, Rituals in Families and Family Therapy by Evan Imber-Black, et al.  Coincidentally, I had begun to study the work of Carl Jung in the 1980's, as it was not covered in my graduate school education.  The synchronicity of these two events inspired me to begin to offer encouragement to my clients and students to try creating rituals as a healing tool.  What had taken many conversations to cover and process became clear in the preparation and experience of personal rituals.  I experimented along with my clients and was amazed at how fast the mind, body and consciousness changed so quickly and easily.  As a student and practitioner of Astrology for decades, I had seen the power of cycles of change and knew sometimes, there is a paradigm shift in our awareness and wellness happens quickly.  In the consciousness movement of the 1960's we were told "the readiness is all" and "when the student is ready, the teacher will appear".  Evidently the mechanism of healing from participating and creating rituals is what is called "morphic resonance".  I have always been affected by the amazing boldness and creativity shown by my students in creating "heart art" to symbolize their intention to experience a more satisfying life.

By visiting my website, Healing Power of Ritual:  Balancing Heart and Mind, you will be entertained and amazed by the quality and variety of issues and conditions creatively addressed by this process.  Both in times past and today in tribal societies, rituals bring healing through the individual participation in group events, a basic need in today's "Alone Together" world.  Whether it is healing from the disappointment of lost relationships or bringing about a new career path, the ritual process can add a new dimension of understanding to the healing of your pain.  The child is us still feels and the adult in us attempts to make sense of life so we can make a plan.  Both parts of us need to work together rather than continually struggle between the tension of opposites.  Ritual work brings this about with greater speed and joy.

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6 reasons to start the healing power of ritual



Ritual unites the heart, head and hands in a purposeful way.


The creative power of the right brain gives new insights into our understanding of our life's journey.


Our inner artist will bring to life new forms of "heart art" as touchstones for our path to wellness.


Having a sacred space for ritual begins a new spiritual practice, an anchor often missing in our lives.


Participating in rituals in groups where we feel safe provides a unique bonding experience, as well as an opportunity for acceptance and mirroring from others, which is often missing in our lives.


Ritual releases painful memories and feelings without a long period of conversation as the symbols come alive and move life forward in spite of our pain and confusion.