Balancing Heart and Mind

why the healing power of ritual?


As children, we choose symbols and create games that bring us into resonance.  Our thoughts and feelings can co-exist in a non-dual mind and heart.  As adults we often lose the sense of our feeling self as we are encouraged to be realistic and set goals and not waste time.  Unfortunately, many of the issues of self-expression and wellness cannot be solved in rational ways.  As all of us are aware, we are not machines.  Creating and re-creating rituals to share with ourselves in solitude and in groups are the basis of a deeper healing, as the rational and the non-rational energies within and without create awareness and feelings which bring us new meaning and peacefulness.  These personal and shared experiences are the basis of all religious ceremonies, bringing us together with others through the collective magic of meaning.

I am 70 years old and have been healing all my life.  When I was a child I was outside playing every chance I got, not knowing that nature is a healing agent for most of us.  As I moved into young adulthood, I began to explore all the healing modalities that were available to me at the time and I was able to continue growing and making sense of life.  After attending graduate school in my 30's and sharpening my skills as a marriage and family therapist, I opened a psychological practice and began to understand the complexity of balancing heart and mind from the experiences my clients brought to me.  In my 40's, as the natural turning inside out of the middle passage became my daily life, I was fortunate to discover and later teach many of the concepts of CG Jung. Jung believed in the power of the unconscious to play with the conscious mind in ways that brought about healing of deep wounds that affected us in our adult life, often in the form of repetitive patterns and feelings

In today's fast paced, complicated, results based world, few of us have the time or the means for the long process of a Freudian analysis which I was fortunate to experience.  The time intensive therapeutic process of reviewing our families of origin and looking for multigenerational patterns we may unknowingly be re-enacting is beneficial, but again, many of us do not have the means or time to commit to this valuable healing experience.  Bringing the feeling back to the healing experience is essential to wellness.  The healing power of creating and sharing personal rituals brings us deeper awareness of ourselves and our connection to others. 

I have conducted classes on creating personal ritual for over 25 years.  Each year I host group rituals at both the summer and winter solstice, which allow each of us to realign ourselves with our progress as well as our potential.  Preparing and sharing in this group process brings release from past events, awareness of the deeper meaning of events and feelings, and clears the path to greater joy and a more abundant life.  Each of us is abundantly blessed with natural talents and abilities which are like seeds lying dormant in the rain forest.  It is my intention to share ideas which encourage those who are open to the power of the unseen energies in life to heal us.  The experiences I have been part of as I have facilitated healing rituals with others are amazing and available to all of us.

As a practicing psychotherapist and astrologer for over 40 years, I do not believe ritual process replaces the value of traditional healing practices, but rather, enhance in new ways, our journey to wholeness.  As Ernest Hemingway said, life breaks us and makes some of us stronger in the broken places.  The wounds we receive are part of our healing.

we are not machines

Deeper healing can be brought about by using rituals both by ourselves or with others in a group.

6 reasons to start the healing power of ritual



Ritual unites the heart, head and hands in a purposeful way.


The creative power of the right brain gives new insights into our understanding of our life's journey.


Our inner artist will bring to life new forms of "heart art" as touchstones for our path to wellness.


Having a sacred space for ritual begins a new spiritual practice, an anchor often missing in our lives.


Participating in rituals in groups where we feel safe provides a unique bonding experience, as well as an opportunity for acceptance and mirroring from others, which is often missing in our lives.


Ritual releases painful memories and feelings without a long period of conversation as the symbols come alive and move life forward in spite of our pain and confusion.